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From Nick Chalko <>
Subject Re: Gump as TLP
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 19:54:20 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

>> Or maybe simply put:
>> "
>>  ... charged with the creation and maintenance of open-source software
>>  that promotes stronger integration between the various codebases
>>  and between the codebase and the communities that maintain it.
>> "
>> Of this last version I like the fact that it emphasises the 
>> "integration" part (and in fact brings us back to the simpler but 
>> undefined "continuous integration").
>> I believe that nightlies are also now part of it, as in the "between 
>> the codebase and the communities" part.
> I like it, but the board might not since it's a little too general. 
> the "creation of artifacts" defined the scope, but still keeping it 
> big enough.
> Don't know, either way I'm cool with it. What do others think?

I think "creation  of artifacts" or something to limit scope is needed.

The point being gump is not a BUILD engine,  like ant or maven.  
gump is a way to cordinate many builds.
perhaps creation and cross pollination of artifacts.

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