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From Thom May <>
Subject Re: Peas and Carrots
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 20:26:38 GMT
* Adam Jack ( wrote :
> Stefano wrote:
> > the people at planet apache people (myself included) were concerned
> > about the de-humanity of bots in a place for people.. but this is
> > people-generated for people consumption so it fits right in, IMO.
> I recall there also being a bunch of folks who didn't want Planet Apache to
> be about Apache stuff, so much as Apache people. I have seen some folks blog
> about Apache software releases (on their personal blogs), but this is going
> one step further (yet again). This would be a purely Apache (and/or wider
> community) content blog, nothing personal.
Mmm, but it isn't just completely impersonal "spew". I wouldn't be unhappy in
including it.

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