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From Davanum Srinivas <>
Subject Re: Tales of running Gumpy from scratch
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2004 14:18:50 GMT
rsync.exe does not understand drive letters it is trying to treat C:\GUMP as "C" as host and
"\GUMP" as the directory on the host.

-- dims

--- "Adam R. B. Jack" <> wrote:
> > > #5: If you see a rsync.exe in your environment, rename it so that cp.exe
> is used.
> >
> > Done, but it's wierd... why?
> >
> Yup, I'd like to know also. That said, rsync has to be one of the first to
> go, it has some bugs that bug me. Nicola found some Python code on the 'net
> once to replace it with, I need to make that a priority.
> > > It's a painful process, but i have been through it :) -
> > Gosh, I had helped in PyGump (AKA GumPy) so that it would not happen,
> > but alas we are here again... I'll keep bugging and fixing it then :-P
> I hear ya. Have we moved the problems from workspaces/profiles to operating
> system environments,
> I've been a little disappointed in Python's abilities (and a lot
> disappointed in mine. ;-) We need to migrate as much code from launching
> executables into pure (portable) Python, as possible. The only things I'd
> like to launch are cvs/svn/ruper/ant/maven/forrest [and such] not 'cat',
> 'ls', 'rsync', 'pgrep', etc. This is doable.
> Thanks for the time invested, and patience with all this, sorry I didn't get
> to it before you guys all tried, I've just not had a M$ environment worth
> investing in, abd mine had MKS installed, so I got lazy...
> > BTW, dod you also install ruper or not? Do you run from cygwin shell or
> > cmd.exe?
> The 'ruper' is certain optional right now. It is close to working, but not
> active today, so don't bother. I'd hope I'm a few weeks away from this, if I
> can spend some time on depot ruper.
> regards,
> Adam
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