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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [HEADSUP] Overrides/merging...
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2004 16:48:05 GMT
> So in theory merging should work and overriding may work - depending
> on which XML representation is read first and whether the first or the
> later representation wins.

I think that is a fair read. It dregs up a memory of how Nick Chalko and I
were trying to override some projects with packages (on a trimmed down Gump,
namely and we did have to re-order things in the
profile to make this work.

So, perhaps I was merely being pessimistic about this area. Let's hope, and
learn facts (see next paragraph).

P.S. Stefano, did my original heads-up get explained/clarified in this
thread? I think working through it with Stefan might've clarified it, but if
not, please let me know.

P.P.S. Not looked here for a while, seems that code I wrote (in amongst the
dragons) to annotate XML errors, seems to be at least partly working...

> >> Unit tests?
> >
> > Meaning, does Gumpy have any?
> No, I know it has 8-)

Only because you pay attention as well as you do. I really need to document
more for other developers (Python or not) to get involved.

> If we know how we want overrides and merges to work, it should be
> possible to put together simple workspaces to test the code.

Yes,  indeed. We have a couple of things started. In python/gump/test we
have a resources with a few test workspaces. The unit tests do attempt to
load/check them. These work ok [for loading metadata], until you try to run
them (since there are no valid contents.)

So (mainly for this maven work) I create an area with some unit tests in. I
think I probably need to work w/ infr to make this a permenant area (they
deleted the last one on me, not their fault.) See: In here we have some
viable/simple projects

But, for what you are describing, I think the test workspaces the unit tests
use are fine.

I'll add something to JIRA saying we need such unit tests. I need to master
JIRA, and also as the number of tasks grows we'll need a record. [Since Gump
never does a release, per se, we never get a change list other than this
list, at best.]

> Maybe this is something that happens with the move to TLP, assuming we
> can get some of the Python savvy folks in the ASF involved.

I'd love that. The best part of OSS (for me) is learning from others,
experiencing through other's eyes. My eyes ain't seen the glory of the
coming of the Python ... yet. ;-)



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