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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Maven & Gump (again)
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2004 23:03:04 GMT
> Adam, I suggest (1) to minimize the issues for now.

Ok, so watch this space...

I have a bug w/ 'basedir' (see next posting).

> (2) just won't work -  you need forehead for Maven to run.

Hmm, I would've suspected that forehead was transparently embedded, but what
do I know. I have suspicions it could be made to work, I just don't know
what is right. ;-)

Just so long as at the end of the day the jars (many) that ship w/ Maven
don't pollute the build/run environments of what it builds, that is all that
really matters. That, and Gump being able to control that environment total,
somehow. [Not saying it can't, I jsut don't know enough yet...]

> While its not a perfect fit to gumps world, you'll be able to build
> that otherwise couldn't be - so its not a backwards step.

Yup, I think we take the first step(s) on the journey, and see what we learn
to make next steps.

I'll add a few more dependencies to that project above, to see how Gump
interacts w/ Maven.



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