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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Maven & Gump (again)
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2004 01:11:44 GMT

> > Ok, I think I followed some of that. How do I put it into
> > action in Gumpy? Are we talking about dependency metadata, or
> > more coding, or config, or ??? Pointers please.
> No, it should just work under the current scheme. If you checkout
> maven-plugins and for each run maven plugin:install using gump and setting
> the build properties, it should do this.

Then we somehow need to set dependencies (for all projects chosing to use
<maven) on (at minimum) the plugins, so they are biult prior to being used.

> The trick will be that you need a clean maven install at the start of a
> run so that if it breaks it doesn't stay broken :)

We might want to create some project, or script, that all the plugins depend
upon that does such a clean. Is there a clean type goal? Are we talkign
about cleaning the repository it creates in ~, or wherevere?

> > BTW: Any feedback on the roadmap? Interested in taking a
> > Maven built project and supplementing the Gump descriptor
> > with a parallel project (e.g. X-mavenized for project X) so
> > we can compare the two?
> Probably start by getting directory-naming going since it is maven only?
> Then I'll work on a new gump plugin that generates a maven tag instead an
> some other project that volunteers can try both.

Thanks for that, although I'm game to see this done manually first, until we
are certain we are done w/ metadata tweaks, and nothing comes out of above.
I would appreciate you doing this task though, primarily for knowledge
sharing prior to updating the plugin...

Thanks again.



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