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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: gumpy memory size
Date Thu, 19 Feb 2004 17:41:12 GMT
Last thing in log is this:

INFO:gump:Document run using [<gump.document.forrest.ForrestDocumenter
instance at 0x99df2f4>]

i.e. running forrest. That said, I can see no reason, why waiting for
soemthing to run might cause this Gumpy to grow. That said, I hate how I
coded the 'tear down' code in Python, it was (is) a mega kludge since Python
doesn't seem mature enough for process management at that level.

BTW: I ran forrest by hand for grins.

ml-forrest_xml-forrest-scratchpad-forrestdoc-ws.xml:1:1: Premature end of

/home/ajack/opt/forrest/ Could not validate document

Now, that didn't take long, so Gumpy ought have moved on. With --debug we'll
see if it did (and if the problems were in nagging, or RSS, or ... ???)
[I've not added anything new recently, that ought be there, or ought be
running other than in unit tests.]

BTW: We saw this error when we were low on disk space. Maybe it is a stray
file that wasn't cleaned up, but it seems odd it showed up again. I'll
delete it and see what gives next run.



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