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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-gump/project mockobjects.xml
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2004 14:47:43 GMT
Stefan wrote:

> This commit makes mockobjects.xml describe buildable projects and
> installed packages in a single file.  It seems to work for traditional
> Gump but as this is not something we've tried before, it may break in
> Gumpy.  If so, I'll be happy to split it.

Or, if it is a useful feature, just explain it to me.

I swear you are coding Gumpy, just in english and I translate. ;-)

> I ought to get Gumpy running on my machine sooner rather than later,

I'd appreciate that. I forget which OS you use on your PC, but I beleive it
isn't a M$ one. Could you refresh my memory?

> but right now I seem to be stuck with some missing Python prereqs and
> don't have the time to investigate further.

I have moved (locally) to Python 2.3 (activestate) but I don't recall there
being any unbundled Python package dependencies (other than the GUI
framework.) The logging package is attached (although bundled in 2.3 so I
might remove it soon). It ought work with just setting the PYTHONPATH to
../gump/python and running (in python) python gump/ -w

Please post the problems you seeing here...



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