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From Scott Sanders <>
Subject Re: [proposal] Is it time for
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 17:50:26 GMT
>>   2) initiate the burocratic process to get Gump as a Top Level Domain
>> [I volunteer to help that process]
>> What do you think?
> I'm no expert on what makes a TLP, and can see why Stefan doesn't see 
> a need
> for a small community of active users, but maybe Gump is bigger than we
> think. Developing Gump (code) is one thing, acting as an admin 
> (maintaining
> servers/metadata) is another, but the true Gump community are those 
> folk --
> plus all those who maintain their own metadata, and/or react to the
> results/nags/feeds, and read/reference the output pages. [BTW: A 
> satisfied
> smile came to my face to see Antoine recently reference a 'Full Project
> Dependees' section I'd added only a little while before. That is 
> exactly
> what Gump ought communicate for us.] In short, I think we are a larger
> community than the gump mailinglist archives might show.

  Gump is one of the first 'communities' in apache-land where most of 
the contribution exists outside of the CVS tree.

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