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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Re: Nightly builds, Gump, Maven and repository issues.
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 17:48:24 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:

> Mark wrote:
>>I wanted to to attempt to coordinate with Gump folks concerning nightly
>>builds, the new maven repository on the apache server and other
>>interesting tidbits.
> I needed some time to mull this over before I responded. I see you have good
> intentions to try to pull a bunch of things together, and I respect that.
> That said, I don't think they should fit.
> Every time I try to match Gump with nightly builds, I come up against a
> philosophical problem which Stefan explained. Gump isn't doing nightly
> builds (against a stable base), it is doing nightly integration test builds
> (an unstable 'box of chocolates' :). Gump's output jars aren't for general
> use (few folks could/should live on the edge that much, each morning getting
> a shifting base). IMHO they probably ought not have been distributed (in the
> past) but for the future I see them as key to scaling a cascade of Gumps. As
> such, although I think the Gump repository ought be open/available (no point
> thinking for users) I envisage it's use only by other downstream Gumps.
> regards,
> Adam

The best example I can give of developer requirements this scenario is 
the following:

I work on the commons-math project, which is dependent on 
commons-collections and commons-logging.

The way I have it configured, I do all my development against either 
"dated version snapshot builds" that are archived in the maven repository.

  commons-collections-20040102.233541.jar      29-Jan-2004 19:46   842k
  commons-collections-20040102.233541.jar.md5  29-Jan-2004 19:46     1k
  commons-collections-SNAPSHOT.jar             29-Jan-2004 19:46   842k
  commons-collections-SNAPSHOT.jar.md5         29-Jan-2004 19:46     1k
  commons-collections-snapshot-version         29-Jan-2004 19:46     1k

or actual released versions when cutting a release:

  commons-collections-3.0.jar                  25-Jan-2004 01:50   506k
  commons-collections-3.0.jar.md5              26-Jan-2004 15:53     1k

Currently the production of these dated builds is not automated. Its up 
to each project to release snapshots into the maven repository.

My position is that it would be nice to have this snapshot process 
automated in a nightly build such that these were generated on a regular 
basis. The most important feature I see that it would be difficult to 
maintain, is that the jars produced have to maintain the same content 
and tructure as those tht would be produced normally by maven as 
configured in the projects project.xml If gumps jars are very different. 
then that could be an issue.

My thoughts are along these lines

1.) In a daily build process for maven projects, we'ed want either Maven 
or the Ant build.xml that can be generated by maven to get called (this 
is actually what happens in Craig's nightly build process right now, an 
Ant build.xml file is required in the proect with a "dist" target 
avalaible in it, and maven can actually produce thsi properly). This way 
the artifacts would be comperable for a project across the various build 

2.) Integration testing is on a very different scale and distribution 
than nightly or weekly build releasing. So it may be the case that these 
approaches remain different processes simply because they run at 
different times, duration and scale. But, theres alot to be gained 
sharing the automation approaches applied and exploring areas of 
consolidation or standardization in process.

Mark Diggory
Software Developer
Harvard MIT Data Center

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