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From "Mark R. Diggory" <>
Subject Nightly builds, Gump, Maven and repository issues.
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 20:21:01 GMT
Hi all,

I wanted to to attempt to coordinate with Gump folks concerning nightly 
builds, the new maven repository on the apache server and other 
interesting tidbits.

1.) Maven Repository on minotaur.

We migrated the maven repository contents being created by Apache 
projects over to minotaur, they are currently under


this is mirrored and is working to sync it up to the 
canonical maven repository there.

We're not 100% sure this will be a permantent location, I've been 
attempting to integrate it into the dist directory contents. It 
currently holds both dated snapshot builds and versioned release builds 
of jar files for many of the Apache projects.

2.) There is the nightly build process on minotaur that Craig McClanahan 
runs. This generates nightly builds under


This produces tar and zip archives of the various distributions 
registered to be processed with it.

Mandates concerning are to have it contain versioned 
releases. As such, I started considering spliting the Maven contents 
into two places:

for releases:

for developer/testing/nightly builds:

The former will be mirrored and synced into
The later will be accessable to Apache developers for dependency testing 
and development.

3.) There are the various continuous integration builds gump is 
managing. These are producing jars and other distributables. It would be 
beneficial to see these various sources unified or synced up in someway.


So in an attempt to get more "consistent" in terms of storing contents 
of these various efforts, what are your thoughts on 
cooperation/consolidation of the contents of these various build processes?

The goal on my end is to promote a nightly build process which helps 
populate the two proposed repository locations.

thanks for any input,

Mark Diggory
Jakarta Commons Math Project

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