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Subject RE: [PATCH] HttpClient HEAD dependencies
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 16:07:33 GMT
I am as Gump clueless as clueless can be. The patch is the result of extensive
guesswork on my part. I can happily share all my assumptions with you, but
for more definitive answers please seek comments of Gump regulars.

>Just wondering why the second patch is to jakarta-commons? 
>Does that now depend on commons-codec?

As far as I understand jakarta-commons project contains definitions of all
Commons sub-projects, HttpClient being one among many of those. I believe
only HttpClient (HEAD) should be dependent on Commons-Codec

>Also, I'd be interested to know what a "runtime" dependency is - I did not
>see this anywhare in the Gump docs.
>Does it mean that the dependency is not needed at compile-time?
>And if a project has compile, javadoc and test targets, which of these get
>the dependency?

I know for a fact that HttpClient requires Commons-logging as a compile AND
runtime dependency. My guess is runtime flag marks those components that
are required for successful execution of automated test cases defined for
the project in question


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