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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: CheckStyle on Gump (again, again .. almost there...)
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 20:57:24 GMT
> 2) Do you think we ought split checkstyle into two projects, one for code,
> one for unit tests -- so the *many* folks who depend upon checkstyle still
> get Gumped even if a single unit test fails.

If somebody from checkstyle-dev can split the current gump take into three:


  <target name="gump"
          description="Runs the test for GUMP testing"/>


  <target name=""
          description="Build, for GUMP testing"/>

  <target name="gump.test" depends="gump.setup,run.tests"
          description="Run unit tests, for GUMP testing"/>

  <target name="gump" depends="gump.setup,,gump.test"
          description="Builds and Runs the test for GUMP testing"/>

I can work on creating two projects, 'checkstyle' and 'checkstyle-test' (the
latter of which depends upon the former) so folks can continue to gump even
if the odd test fails.

Do folks thing the above is correct? Looks correct to me (and outsider) but
I'm not sure of internal details...

> 3) Do you mind if we change the 'nag' emails to point to the
> list?

Is that list the right one for the community around checkstyle?



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