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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Nightly builds, Gump, Maven and repository issues.
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 17:14:13 GMT
> At the same time, I think it would be useful to have both things: each
> module should be built twice, the first time with "latest-greatest
> dependencies" and the second time with "tested dependencies".

I've been having my fingers crossed for a dedicated box to start exploring
such things (it seems rude to experiment like this on loaned  resources.)

> This might require some thinking but it would definately solve the
> issues and yield two different signals: one for the box of chocolates,
> one for the nightly built process.
> I think they are both important.

I'd like to see the 'Gump Engine' used for a number of things related to
pulling communities together, and automation. I'd like to see it work with
Forrestbot in order to keep sites fresh, I'd like to see it work with Maven
(to do their builds their way, and maybe their sites), and (as you know) I'd
like to see it work with Agora to pictorialize some interactions. I have
visions of extending Gump metadata to interact w/ other social network
metadata (e.g. FOAF) and hence automatically process non-code
inter-relationships. I know Nicola has some other ideas also. I feel if it
were opened up to such uses we'd see far far more.

I think Gump has two powerful things in it's favour for extending it (1) a
wealth of rich metadata (2) abilities to automatically work with
SCMs/external programs in an orderly fashion & report on results. That
combination is (IMHO) key.

> And I have the gut feeling that in order to have a meaningful FoG
> number, you need a history of both information. [but I have to think
> about that more because it seems to be a pretty complex
> graph-theory-related issue]

Yup, I recently added a to-do to status.xml to tie Gump to a historical
(likely RDBMS) database. Right now it has a simplistic DBM one, which works
fine (except on M$, ask the Python folks...) but I'd rather not see that
stretched further.



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