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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject HEADS UP & request for comment on 'server'
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 23:49:09 GMT
This headups is in case I dork up traditional Gump by re-adding server
components, albeit for a new usage.

I never knew what the old 'server' components were used for, but here is
what I'd like to see:

Something like ./server/lsd.xml which contains metadata about a server named

    1) Name
    2) Root URL (where it's outputs live)
    3) Type:    Traditional or Python
    4) Thanks (i.e who is nice enough to lend the resources)
    5) Comments (e.g. 'Down right now')
    6) Timezone [for reference, although probably not 'start of run time']

.. and is reference in the profile, just like repositories are.

Here are the stages of what I'd like to do with it:

Step I:    Reference

Detail the servers just like we with repositories:

Step II: Linking

Up top of a modules/projects page create a table of links to this same
module/project on other servers, to allow folks to just

Step III:    Result sharing

1) Have each server generate a results.xml in it's root directory, which
records (per module/project):

    1) state
    2) time started (in UTC perhaps)
    3) other result details (e.g. stats/duration?)

2) Have each gump server download (if available) the results.xml from the
others, and associate results with local modules/projects.

3) Change Linking above to be table of states (etc) on other servers,
allowing linking but also a quick dashboard of the latest results for a
module/project across known Gumpdom.



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