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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: xmldb
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 15:11:15 GMT
> Would it be a good idea to do a fresh build of xmldb on his machine and
> put the jars at one place where the managers of the various gump
> instances can download them from ?
> And change the descriptor of xmldb to give the date of the new build to
> the jars ?

Looks like Stefan has updated the xmldb descriptor (in xml-xindice) to
reference the correct jar names.

Two things:

1) We need a new term for projects that aren't pakcages, but aren't built by
Gump. XMLDB is one such, it has it's jars with it in CVS, (so all Gump
instances do get them). I annotate a project as prebuilt (see the first Note
on I think
'Prebuilt' is a fine term. Prebuilts are downloaded from CVS ('cos licensing
allows) whereas Packages have to be administrator installed.

I need to add a TODO to list the Prebuilts like we list the Packages: Also, somehow we need to
visualy annotate them differently.

2) I put a (not sure if it is worth much) 'metadata location' -> project
xref page, so we can look at where metadata resides. I probably ought add
'metadata location' on project page.



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