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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Velocity on Gump
Date Mon, 12 Jan 2004 19:39:48 GMT

Velocitiers, Could I trouble somebody to take a peek a this, and see if
there is anything that can be done? I assume the servlet API shifted, so
ought velocity code change -- or the dependency change?

(BTW: I don't have network bandwidth to subscribe to all mailing lists, so
this may well bounce. Gak we need nag e-mails back...)

Gumpers, is there a servlet-api-N project that is more appropriate for
Velocity, or ought Velocity try to migrate to the latest [community

Gumpers, is there a way we can (other than a huge mail archive) preserve
'FAQ-like' issues, or at least preserve a log of know interface shifts, and
solutions (e.g. known projects to depend upon.) Thoughts?




var/gump/jakarta-velocity/bin/src/org/apache/velocity/test/VelocityServletTe org.apache.velocity.test.VelocityServletTest.MockServletContext
should be declared abstract; it does not define
getResourcePaths(java.lang.String) in
    [javac]     static class MockServletContext implements ServletContext

org.apache.velocity.test.VelocityServletTest.MockHttpServletResponse should
be declared abstract; it does not define resetBuffer() in
    [javac]     static class MockHttpServletResponse implements
    [javac]            ^
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