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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: RSS (Atom still work in progress) Read all about it...
Date Sun, 11 Jan 2004 18:37:32 GMT

Sometimes the volume of data produce by Gump overwhelms me, and certain
simple bug fixes take far long than they ought. The 'sequence in state'
counter (reset to 1 on a change) was being calculated, but wasn't being
stored in the stats DB correctly, so never incremented past one. As such all
the optimisation I did to RSS/Atom generation (to only put out newsworthy
events) was for nought, feeds were overly verbose. I've fixed that now, and
we ought see only meaningful stuff in the feeds.

Register this URL for all build events

Alternatively pick:{moduleName}/index.rss for you module of


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From: "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
To: "Gump code and data" <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 4:13 PM
Subject: RSS: Read all about it...

> Ok,
> I've validated the RSS I'm generating (using a service I found via Google,
> but has a familiar name on it: and although it
> found one nit [fixed in CVS], I'm posting this now:
> [BTW: The nit was a date nit:
> Basically Gump outputs RSS in the following manner:
> 1) Workspace ./index.rss (e.g.
> This contains projects that have successed or failed for the 1st time in a
> sequence (a sequence is stoerd in the DB.) This is a good channel for
> Gumpeisters (like Stefan) who have broad interests.
> 2) Module ./{moduleName}/index.rss (e.g.
> This contains all projects within the module, the latest news (suceed or
> fail).
> 3) Project ./{moduleName}/{projectName}.rss (e.g.
> This contains the latest news for the project (suceed or fail).
> So:
> 1) I've tried this from FeedDemon ( but I'd like to hear
> feedback from other using other readers.
> 2) I am still working on the content, all content feedback welcomed. I'm
> considering going to HTML next.
> 3) I don't think I can figure out auto-discovery throw forrest (setting
> links in the HTML header.) Any forresters know the answer?
> 4) All ideas on topics and pings and such welcomed....
> 5) All input appreciated...
> regards
> Adam
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