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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: CheckStyle on Gump (again)
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2004 20:10:59 GMT
> I have seen this error before. It is associated with using the wrong
> version of the XML API. It was a problem with the past with JDK 1.3
> and you had to supply the XML API.
> It does come bundled now in JDK 1.4 which is what I believe most of us
> use these days for development.
> Could you please confirm the versions of the JDK and ANT being used?
> Also, is this a new error, or something that has been around for a while?

Unfortunately I broke the Gump biuld that outputs the information to answer
al this easily, I'm fixing thattoday, but from this Gump, I can tell you.
Not sure which JDK is used on Covalent, the Ant is '1.6' -- 'cos it is CVS
HEAD Ant. The XML parser is CVS HEAD of XERCES.

So, I wonder if the thing to do is remove this dependency, and let whatever
is in the JDK take over.

    <depend project="xml-xerces"/> in

or, ought we request crimson?

Gumpers, can you advise [I've not run into this.]?

> I have included the Checkstyle developer mailing list on the e-mail. Do
> any of you guys out there have any ideas?

I'm also copying the Gump list, 'cos I know there are folks there who are
savvy about such matters.



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