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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] HttpClient HEAD dependencies
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 17:37:59 GMT
> Also, I'd be interested to know what a "runtime" dependency is - I did not
> see this anywhare in the Gump docs.

Runtime was one of the things that got me most in creating the classpath
code for Python Gump. It is simple, but my heads somehow fails to get clear
on it.

Actually, there is reference in the docs:

It says (for these two attributes):


    "runtime" which will only copy the runtime dependencies


    Specifies whether this dependency is needed at runtime. Choices are
"true" and "false" with the default being false.

That said, not sure this is clear (as I now understand it), see below.

> Does it mean that the dependency is not needed at compile-time?
> And if a project has compile, javadoc and test targets, which of these get
> the dependency?

Good question. There are two things on a dependency, i.e. inherit="runtime"
(go get things I need at runtime) and runtime="true" (this is needed at
runtime for when somebody inherits).

At compile time a project only needs the things it needs for compiling to an
interface (i.e. class signatures and classes that pass through it). As such
the "runtime" dependencies ought be more than simply interface/compile-time.

BTW: Writing this I wonder if I ought go revisit the code to see if it is
clear in there. I suspect it is working as intended, but I don't think this
is used as strictly as it once might have been. Bloated classpaths don't
often cause problems, so we might not know from successful runs.



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