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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] HttpClient HEAD dependencies
Date Tue, 06 Jan 2004 15:40:57 GMT
> Chris & Adam,
> I can commit it myself no problem, however,
> I think it will take an experienced Gumper only a fraction of time of what
> it may take me to get everything set up and verified on my development
> I'd really appreciate if you could spare me this trouble.

I am of the (personal) opinion that users ought not be expected to run Gump
( to contribute metadata. We are always saying it is so hard to get
the community to manage their own metadata, and this is a barrier that I'd
like to see reduced/removed. I'd like to see us (when we get resources
squared away) have some things like automated (hourly or frequent) 'metadata
validation runs' or on demand validations (a web app) so users don't have to
install Gump.

For this time, I'll happily do it manually for Oleg since his changes (and
first glance) look painless.



P.S. I've been out of it (still am w/ jet lag/cold & a young un's returning
schedule) and haven't caught up w/ infra@ and such. Has there been any
progress on a Is there one coming? Is there an ETA? [My
gump.try was a failure (on old hardware) 'cos it push the VMWare too hard &
things broke. I'll try again (on new hardware) in a couple of weeks, or

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