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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Plant Apache is now online
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2004 14:48:04 GMT
> To add your blog to Planet Apache:
> checkout the cvs module planet.
> Edit the file config.ini and follow the format of the file.

Ted (et al)

I just added this entry for the output of Python Gump:

name = Jakarta Gump
face =

I chose the least verbose RSS feed (not the Atom one) and I hope the traffic
from Gump is deemed appropriate, and not overwhelming. I'm game to pull this
if things turn ugly. [Gump needs to send nags (e-mails or otherwise) to keep
the community's minds on integration & interface changes, and it hasn't been
able to since September last year. This might be a a powerful alternative.]

The logic behind a post on this channel from Gump is that when a project
changes state (a first time integration, a change from failed to success, or
pre-requisite failed to failed) a simple posting is made once only. Only
first time changes in state are recorded, so hopefully we ought only get a
very few postings per day. [That said, Ant could (in theory) break and cause
a whole flurry of posts.]

Leo, I hope this will reduce bandwidth utilization on your machine ('cos
folks won't poll your feed directly), but it might lead to more (as folks
follow through stories to get details.) I'll move this to
(or whatever it is called) as soon as it available. Please let me know if
this is a problem.



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