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From josh lucas <>
Subject Re: Proposing Gump integrated into other solutions...
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 23:17:58 GMT
On Dec 2, 2003, at 3:07 PM, Adam R. B. Jack wrote:

>> I'm not sure I totally understand what you are asking.  The Apache
>> License allows for integration into commercial products so Gump could
>> be integrated into SourceCast (or anything else).
> I'm clueless on all this, but I vaguely recall that some folks have 
> paid
> Apache for use of their stuff, and I wondered if me (random nobody @ 
> apache)
> proposing the ideas to folks might cause fundraising@ some grief. Like 
> I
> said, this is over my head, I just think there are folks out there who 
> need
> this beastie, and I want to let them know it. :-)
Well, speaking with my CollabNet hat on, I can honestly say that we 
know of Gump.  :)

I set up a local installation a little over a year ago for internal 
code.  Hopefully one day, it will find its way into SourceCast.


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