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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Re: Maven Continuum != Gump
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 17:22:34 GMT
Actually, I no longer work at Cisco so my earlier experience isn't really
that applicable (no longer have the same needs).  I'm not up to getting
JBoss to build under Gump....I wouldn't blame Gump for that so much as the
sick JBoss build if it didn't work (but that is a big whale I'm not yet
prepared to swallow).

However, I may have something to try shortly.  Since I'm thanfully no longer
at Cisco and will never deliberately use winblows, I'm on OS X and Linux.
Though there is a sick self-delluded majority at Jboss Group that think that
Windows is a real operating system and not a collections of security and
stability bugs with operating system features...


On 12/3/03 7:50 AM, "Adam R. B. Jack" <> wrote:

>> I'm quite happy with ant thank you very much.
> And thank you ... your pervious input made me laugh when I was a bit down.
> :-) Gump is serving a purpose for a wide community, that is good enough for
> me. I'd like to collaborate, I'd like more help & more active committers on
> Gump code, but that is a separate issue, that I ought not have combined.
> So, you still on M$? If you had a Linux box I'd ask you to try Python Gump.
> I'd love to see "Andy's Gump installation experience" on Wiki be replaces w/
> "Andy is quite happy with Gump thank you very much".
> The M$ version is close, I've just not bothered with it 'cos I don't have
> resource (over my modem) to give it a decent exercise.
> regards
> Adam
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