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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Is LSD down? Dotnot build failed? errors in txt2html-task
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2003 16:07:16 GMT

> Can't seem to get to the builds on LSD (Utwente).

LSD was off the network yesterday, and today. I wonder if Leo (or flat
mates) were PO'd w/ me interrupting their audio/visual experiences w/
builds. It came back online so I started the build 3a.m. LSD time. No idea
if it finished, or if/when the link will return.

> Also, the DOTNOT build seems to have stopped part-way through - just after
> directory-naming.

Sorry. DOTNOT is going to be offline shortly, I updated the site to point to
it right before I found this out.

As for that build, I figured folks were relying upon LSD, so I used DOTNOT
to do a test of directory-naming (a Subversion not CVS project). It stopped
there 'cos I asked it to.

> Are these known problems?

The known problem is that we need more machines to test/run on. [I work the
sad side of a slow modem, I can't test here.] We definately need more
machines for proper (non-testing) builds.

We could have one coming from Sam, but no promises/no timing on that. I
think we need to find more willing folks.

Any ideas on how we go about that?



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