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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Gump newsletter?
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 20:06:08 GMT
A bit flowery (especially at the end) but what about this? I really want to
start attracting more outsiders into Gump. I know compilation resources are
tight, but my gut tells me that the more project metadata we gather, the
greater service we can offer to the community (whether we build all the
projects, or not.) I think Gump needs to move to be more of a "OSS social
network navigator" than it has ever been.


Experience Sybase Technology...


Jakarta Gump

Gump continues in it's endeavours as a social experiment, providing
inter-project communicating, primarily of interface changes, but also of
purpose, interdependencies & some basic project statistics.

Gump metadata is (almost daily) updated by the community, reflecting the
continual changes to the social network of OSS projects. Gump has reached
new projects from Apache Incubator, Sourceforge, Codehaus, and others. Gump
processes almost 500 projects, from roughly 200 modules.

For more information, visit the Jakarta Gump website [1].

Python Gump has undergone significant objectification, and is once again
live and generating it's communications via HTML (using Forrest) [2] and RSS
[3]. RSS feeds are now available per workspace (for failures) or on a per
module/project basis.

Both Traditional and Python Gump are exercising the ASF Subversion
repository [5], and have abilities to checkout/update projects from

The Site/Documentation has been converted to Forrest xdocs, and will soon go
live on the public site. The documentation begins to reflect the subtle
differences between Traditional Gump and Python Gump.

The Gump team are looking for assistance with more remote Gumps, personal
Gumps, cascaded Gumps, Gump GUI/tools development (in Python), and usage
feedback. If you have interests in the 'fluid dynamics' of the OSS map, Gump
is the place for you. [6]

Have you Gumped your software today? If not, contact us at on the mailing
list [6]

* [1] Gump:
* [2] Gump Output:
* [3] RSS:
* [4] Python Gump:
* [5] Subversion:
* [6] Gump Mailing list:

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