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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: <maven & directory-naming
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 23:19:39 GMT
> I haven't had a chance to see what Phil did with this yet, sorry.

No worries, I did.

> > 4) Hmm, I suspect I need Brett to checking the ant script build.xml.
> and we'll need to hack one of the to use different working directories.
> Was it generated by Maven from the project.xml? These rarely work without
> tweaking as it can't replicate any plugin functionality. I don't recall
> there being a build.xml in commons-naming, so it must have been generated.

Yeah, my first Maven goal ... I'm so proud. ;-)

I assumed that Maven generates a gump.xml and a build.xml for the gump goal.
Nope, I needed the "ant" goal also to get the build.xml.

Interestingly, the way SVN is set up today, I have permissions to add these
to the repository:

> Anyway, I'm happy to make the changes to the gump plugin once there is a
> final description for how the <maven tag is described - perhaps you could
> enter it into Maven's JIRA and I'll take it from there?

Yeah, once fleshed out I'll do that.



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