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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Re: (on moof?)
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 20:11:21 GMT
FYI, my recollections based on when I had done a few tests on moof 
previously: moof was much faster than Solaris, but on par with a modest 
pentium that I had at the time.  As the number of projects Gump grew to 
support grew, I had to upgrade my machine to keep up.

And despite the promises of write once, run everywhere, there were some 
failures on moof that I did not see on Linux machines.  In many cases, 
these needed advocates to get people who are responsible for this 
software to care.

It is worth noting that gump will run a number of tests, so from time to 
time you will find projects have tests that use well known ports (like 

The ideal would be a dedicated machine.  Linux preferably, but 
definately not Solaris.

- Sam Ruby

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