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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Projects List & Jump to problem & MkDir
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 17:36:53 GMT
> Two remarks:

Thanks, I really appreciate feedback, especially w/ suggestions.

> 1) Sort the list of projects alphabetically.
>    Finding one project among 500 is just no fun otherwise!

I wonder if I ought rename 'projects' as "build log" 'cos it is in project
build order (which was specifically requested).

I think we need:

    Build Log (was projects.html)
    Modules (alphabetic listing)
    Module TODOs [as above only the failures though]
    Projects (alphabetic listing)
    Project TODOs [as modules, but projects]


>    You might even add Alphabet links for even faster finding.

Seems reasonable (but maybe not easy w/ forrest) I'l ladd to the todos.

> 2) Color-code the table instead of using a big icon.
>    The vertical cell of each project is much too big, which
>    makes for way too much scrolling down. Give me as many
>    project visible on the screen at one time as possible.

Gump is working through Forrest to generate the site. As of time of writting
there was (is?) no way to do the colour coded cells. [I miss it too.] Also,
forrest is controlling the cells, not me. I'm no forrest/skin expert, I'm
not sure if things can be done to improve upon this.



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