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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Where do I find ...
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 19:15:53 GMT
Sam replied:

> > Could somebody point me to this? When they do I'll log in and attempt to
> > delete the files, and put a message there saying that this output
> > & point them to live output/
> Before you do, lets continue this discussion on gump@jakarta.

I've discussed it twice or so before on here (but no worries), and others
were going to just do it, but none of us got around to it. We felt it was
unhealthy (to Gump) to have stale data (especially when folks like Covalent,
etc.) had fresh data. Further, the links from the gump site point here, so
it needs to be fixed or those links changed.

That said, if you can work (via rubix) to bring this back to life, even

> > Also, if anybody is feeling extra nice, could they tell me how to update
> > Gump WWW site also? There I can change the links to stop folks stumbling
> > onto the problem above.
> use the 'site' target of gump.

I beleive this uses anika (or something) and since I was running low on
cycles to learn new things, I was kinda hoping to migrate the xdocs to
forrest. I really don't know the history, or if this is a
good/bad/indifferent idea, but folks on the list weren't objecting.
Basically ,the documentation needs to be updateable, whatever the right tool

As you said before you went off to RSS/XPATH blog-land ;-) ... Gump needs to
be a community of more than just you. Today it is, but we need to open up
the infrastructure so the rest of us can contribute w/o your user
account/machines, and so it can continue to grow.

On both these, if you are going to find a few cycles to spare us, we'll take
what you can give. :-)



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