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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Maven and gump
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 21:51:07 GMT

> > Historically it has been phase 1 and even succeeded at one
> > point. Currently Gump's inability to build dom4j or jaxen is
> > probably the biggest problem for getting Maven built.
> I must have missed something... So gump can't use any JARs it doesn't
> itself?

Not sure it is a matter of "can't". Gump would prefer to build everything
from source control, but it can use pre-built jars (installed packages, jars
in  project's work). That said, those two have a (disappointing) circular
dependency that we are hoping they'll fix sometime soon. I think Stefan was
saying that without that fix, a complete Maven build would not be possible.

I'd really like to build Maven from the ground up, seems the most Gump-like.

> Happy to help looking after that. One issue will be the plugins... We have
> slated some work for 1.1 to clear up how different versions will interact,
> but at the moment certain projects may need a variety of plugin versions.
> They can specify dependencies to make sure they get used, but we might
> to make sure they get removed again so they don't interfere with other
> projects.

As we get more Gumps (or remote hardware) this could become an issue, but we
can work on that if/when it becomes a scaling issue.

> Yeah, at least for the being, I think you might be right. Jar overrides
> to match the current model perfectly and are easy to set up.

Could you do us a favour and document:

1) The command line (e.g. "maven .... ")
1.1) how to set properties,
1.2) override ant properties [if needed]
1.3) how to do 'jar overrides'
2) The working directory
3) The exit codes/outputs/etc.

As for metadata, since Gump is goign to try to overide the POM (which I
suspect will be in CVS) I'd like *NOT* to try to have Gump read a POM for a
phase 1 implementation. Personally, I'd like to see there be a <maven entry
similar to the <ant one today:

One other thought, what say Maven generates a gump descriptor with two
projects (for each one it has today). One normal ant [as now], and one with
a <maven build element. That was we can see the practicality/stability of
the latter w/o interrupting Gumping for the projects.



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