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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Python Gump update
Date Wed, 08 Oct 2003 14:23:05 GMT
> that is just way cool! I just spent some time browsing the latest
> generated stuff. It sure is eye-pleasing :D

Thanks. Forrest/forresters get that credit. :-) I'm glad though, 'cos I
think that there are times when a pleasing presentation does open minds to
the presenter. I've tried to put as much information out as possible, and
will (over time) whittle it down to the most important first.

> maybe we should depend on binary versions of some of the vital packages

That is a good idea, especially since JUnit is (1) pretty darn stable (2)
typically runtime.

> (like JUnit) hosted at SF until they finish upgrading their hardware
> (they're installing lots).

Yes, but are the making progress, or just a miserable mess? This has gone on
for months. They are way past their revised completion date & I don't see
much good happening. I sent a 'can you give us update please' e-mail to the
gent whose name was one (he purposly published his e-mail account asking for
such) and all I got was an autoreply that he was out most of this month.
Gak! :(

> I love the icons and the fact that absolutely every data is available in
> browsable html. What is not so simple is coming into the front page and
> quickly seeing what the major issues are at the particular moment. With
> the 'old gump', it takes 2 page down hits and a single click to figure
> out what went wrong to any project that interests me.

Completely agreed. Right now I spew everything for debugging (the Python
part) but I do think it'll help for for debugging their builds. I'll work on
a easier navigation & presentation shortly. Thanks for the feedback.

> A way to improve on that might be to make the "X" icon link to the build
> output, iow make the build failed icon for xalan link to

Love the idea. Nick keeps telling me this also, and I laugh 'cos I know I
keep trying to click on those icons also. I'll get there, it is quite

> I can imagine it must be even more painful navigating the site for
> people with low bandwidth connection (I mean, my connection is over
> 100mbit ethernet), especially since the forrest skin is a bit on the
> heavy side.

Funny, the skin doesn't seem to bother me (Mr Modem user). The top comes
down very fast. I'm not sure the skin is as 'heavy' as you think. That, or
I've just gotten used to mollasses...



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