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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
Subject Re: Sanity Check & Gump Community [please read/respond]
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2003 06:43:31 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:
> I'd *really* appreciate feedback on these thoughts. If you only answer one
> mail from me, please make it this one. 

Couldn't get my head to answer you till now, sorry for the delay. It's a 
pity that your Gump itch does not come at a time when I itch too ;-)

> The topics are:
> 1) Sanity check on what I'm doing w/ Gump (or hoping to)
> 2) Internal Community
> 3) External community
> *Python Gump (as a future replacement for traditional Gump)

The way to go. +1

> *Python Gump using Forrest

Not technically necessary but I applaud the effort +1

> *Gump Statistics (as a tool for automatically communicating
> reuse/reliability/robustness, etc.)

Simply statistics, what they communicate is up to the reader ;-) +1

> *Gump and Ruper (using Ruper to download packages)

+1 Important for easy installation. I'd add that Gump *must* install 
*hassle free*.

> *Distributed Gump Trees (also using Ruper to download upstream Gump outputs)

Doh, you lost me here.

> *Gump Documenter (as a tool for communicating the OSS map, and promoting)


> *Promoting more gump projects in public Gump (do resources exist, will the
> 7+++ hours grate on Stefan?)

+1 as long as there are tools that help maintainers get the things fixed 

> *Promoting more public/private/personal Gumps.

Private Gumps especially.

> *Promoting more OSS Gumps (e.g. on on, etc.)

COuld be interesting :-)

> Questions: Anybody got any other itches they'd like to see scratched by
> Gump? I'm not volunteering, per se, just curious.

Integration with Eclipse.

> Second, internal community:
 > Is there a way we can make a concerted effort to
> promote Gump, and request developers? Thoughts?

The same thing I've told you for the Krysalis projects: release.
We gotta make something that all developers can use. Gump *is* 
incredible value, but we *must* release and make others use it.

I'll try to "install" it as a novice user and tell you where I get 
stuck, so we can work out the problems. As soon as I can install it 
without resorting to the manual more than once, we can so a milestone 
release, and from then on the ride starts.

> Third, external community:
> External community is key, and I see Gump as closed to those 300 or so
> modules it supports. Ought we propose a Gump on, or on, or
> wherever? I think Gump's strengths are best felt with a large profile, so
> much as the GUI Gump is cool, I think big public Gumps are invaluable. Has
> anybody suggested a Gump on to, to others? Now that Gump is
> far easier to install (than when Andy Oliver tried) it really ought be
> possible for folks to have their own. Is this a good thing for future Gump?

I see Gump, I mean "The" Gump, as the Apache runs. Then I see developers 
using it on their machines to run the projects they have in the workspace.

Scenario: I have projects from CVS in a directory. I have a jar 
repository location. I download Gump, tell him where my workspace is, 
and it autoconfigures itself. Then I am able to use it fully to compile 
projects with dependencies resolved, and have it output reports.

When we get here, we have *the* cross-project buildtool.

> What do folks think about Gump's future, about what it ought be trying to
> be, about who it ought be targeted at?

- Stefan and Sam (not joking, they are the power-integration users)
- every developer

> Thanks in advance for all responses.

Thank you for working on it. You really impressed me (again). :-)

Nicola Ken Barozzi         
             - verba volant, scripta manent -
    (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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