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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Gumpy LSD --- relative success...
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2003 19:26:15 GMT
When I gave the Gumpy on LSD a Java compiler to use, it did a much better

There are a lot of failures, but I wonder if those are primarily due to CVS



and no doubt many others to fail.

Leo, do you have CVS repository overrides that Gumpy isn't
recognizing/merging? Maybe this gump is just more sensitive that the
traditional one, I did try to code it to be, I just wasn't betting on CVS @ still being so dodgy.

A list of things TO-DO:

1) Fix the forrest usage, make the output pretty.
2) Fix "cause" so one can easily click to the root cause of a failure.
3) Fix a bug where the ant buildfile isn't being pick up (when not called
4) Add "state" to the dependees list (to get a quick view of if they are all
5) Look at "module packages" (or overriding modules to be packages, for
6) Spec out/document the v0.4 workspace [add the new options]
7) Polish the RSS (not terrible at:, needs to be configured for
site for the images, and maybe add a graphic).

... and then start working on a "debugging interface". Nick has (correctly)
observed that this site/documentation/interface is top down and design for
reviewing success/configuration, not for debugging failures. I need to allow
quick/easy getting to the problems. That, and the "XREF" section.

Hmm, I don't think Gumpy publishes Jars, nor copes with projects defined at
the workspace level, and I am sure it has some other subtle differences. Any
other things people can see is wrong with this Gump?

See you in a week or so...


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