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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject [Daemon|JRCS] Gump Visibility ... Re: [vote] Move JRCS out of Jakarta
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 18:01:51 GMT
Folks wrote:

> > The obvious problem is that the project is becomming invisible, and in
> > few people are working on it.
> It IS invisible, hence no one (ok, few people) knows it is here.

> > I believe that now is the right time to reform the API since it seems
> > like no one(*) is using it right now.

I believe that another way to raise the visibility is to participate in the
nightly Gump builds:

Gump is under a going re-write
( and is looking to
grow in what roles it performs. Yes, it helps with continuous integration,
but there is more it can do. Gump wants to assist projects working together,
assist with making and keeping friends. Gump is a social experiment, Gump
likes friends liking friends. ;-) Seriously though, Gump can and should help
with promoting reuse.

Gump recognizes and documents project inter-dependencies, the community
tells it & it combines that information, and as such it can tell you who it
knows is using your product. The new Gump documents this, even displays
modules in order of the number of projects using a project, and such. Gump
can and should promote good projects based upon their own good actions.

This is a work in progress (needs icons added) and probably some redesign,
but shows the concept.

Some (rough) statistics:

See dependees -- that is folks using this project:

BTW: These mails prompted me to add (see tomorrow) site url to description

I'd like to see Gump map/document as much OSS (particularly
younger/less-established Jakarta software) as it can. I'd like to see
increased re-use/use through active/automated communication, and I know the
Gump community are willing to work with teams, to help them tap into the
melting pot.



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