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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Gump and Forrest
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 14:38:50 GMT

Can I impose upon you for some help with forrest? I'd appreciate some
help/feedback designing the approach I take for the main aspects:

1) sitemap.xml or book.xml or both.
2) Directory structure
3) Templating/Site Customisation
4) Nice features (e.g. red/yellow/white)

1) I'm sorry but I never understood how forrest finds xdocs. My local
version seems to find all, yet Nick's doesn't. I know I should create a
book.xml per directory, and perhaps even/also a sitemap.xml, but I am
looking for the easiest solution, since I have to code the creation of
these. Can somebody suggest a strategy,.e.g. dynamically create book.xml per
directory,  and I'll code it.

2) I think I ought put things:

    $LOG = Gump Workspace 'Log' directory = $GUMP_WORK/log (say)

    $LOG/content/xdocs = the generated pages

    $LOG/site = the output.

Is there a nicer way? Ought I put xdocs into $GUMP_WORK/content/xdocs (not
into log) and put site as $LOG?

3) I need to allow templating (1) of default skin/images/etc. (2) use/site
overrides. As such I need to copy certain things into $LOG/content above
from somewhere, two places (I think). What is the best place to store the
defaults and allow the site to customise? Ought we start a
jakarta-gump/templates/documentation/ tree that folks can add to, that gets
copied to $LOG/content? Is there any way we can leverage the site/xdocs
contents somehow?

4) I guess I need to dig into the documentation (I find it hard to grok)
and/or ask the forrest mailing list on this one. I'll try to find time to do


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