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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Icons
Date Thu, 25 Sep 2003 14:41:48 GMT
After a lot of staring (and missing the problem right in front of me) I
finally have forrest happier, see:

We can now work one (1) a skin (2) icons.

I am really not very good at this stuff (heck it's taken me a month+ to
figure out the forrest hierarchy) if anybody is game to work on this aspect,
I'd really appreciate the help.

Further, if anybody has any neat ideas for a set of icons (initially just
for states, maybe later state plus reason) I'd like to see some contributed
to the project.

Nick and I had some ideas about Gump related icons, the Smiley for success,
S*** happens for failure, that sort of stuff. That said, any
suggestions/icons are welcomed.

Note: Don't forget we have template/forrest/** but a user can create
template/site-forrest/** which get overlaid on top, so they can customize
their own skins/icons, etc.

Right now the forrest looks for icons that ought come from
jakarta-gump/template/forrest/src/documentation/resources/icons/ :

    success.png    (I could change this to .ico or .gif/other -- or whatever
folks suggest).
    complete.png (e.g. packaged install)
    no_work_performed (probably never used, during testing)

Any takers? Any input?


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