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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject Re: Can anybody provide a server for a full workspace Gumpy?
Date Wed, 10 Sep 2003 17:20:36 GMT
> I've got lsd ( running regular gump. I can
> replace that with gumpy (can't run side by side for diskspace reasons,
> unfortunately).

That's fine, by me. There are plenty of traditional gumps out there, so if
others don't object I'd like to see the replacement.

> I can give you an SSH account and some pointers as to what is where on
> the machine, or you can give me a walkthrough of how to convert the gump
> instance to a gumpy instance (could still give you an account for
> maintainance anyway). The former would be preferable to me; haven't got
> a lot of free time on my hands atm.

If we are replacing we can start out with exactly the existing workspace
(perhaps delete the contents of the workspace directory to be cleaner.) I
have ideas for a workspace version 0.4 (a few extras and some minor changes)
but I think we can live without them.

If this is Linux then I'd like to see you use the that run this. It
does demand a few environment variables. Nick, could you send Leo your
simple cron script plus your

I'm game for an SSH account, it is what I do with Nick. He's helped me by
putting things into a place where we both have permissions to edit/run, and
by instaling forrest (I don't yet bootstrap that). In this case perhaps you
could try to cron gump.

Thanks for your help.

BTW: I am out on vacation next week, so I'd like to set things up before (if
practical) and then continue to work on it afterwards. I am very eager to
see what it does on a fully configured workspace.



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