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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Python Gump ... problems testing
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2003 17:22:37 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:
>>>I have yet to figure out how to configure extssh style CVS
>>In Gump or in general?
> On windows. I have overridden the repositories to be extssh w/ my
> credentials 'cos w/ anonymous/pserver I get failures.

have you got cygwin? ( I've found that its bash, OpenSSH 
and cvs packages are well worth the download; they seem rather more 
stable. Note that problems with SF may well be because of the SF cvs 

>>For Gump, override the repository definition in your workspace, like
>>Sam does in rubix.xml.  Then set the CVS_RSH environment variable to
>>ssh and things should work (best results will be achieved with
> Yup,  I need to try this w/ PuTTY and set it up w/ my keys. I'll try,
> thanks.

the putty variant of ssh-agent is Pageant, in case you wonder :D

>>>and on the Linux box "javadoc" seems to loop @ 100% CPU inside the
>>>ant-dist build & I can get no further.
>>Which JVM and which Linux distro?
> [build@build build]$ which java
> /usr/java/j2sdk1.4.0_03/bin/java
> [build@build build]$ uname -a
> Linux 2.4.7-10 #1 Thu Sep 6 17:27:27 EDT 2001 i686
> unknown

the 1.4.0 sun jdk seems to be rather buggy. Getting the very latest 
avoids you some issues. Still, the javadoc tool is known to eat massive 
amounts of memory if the codebase is big. Its best to 'nice' the command.

> Could it be trying to get keyboard input or something?

that'd be weird; a process waiting for input usually doesn't draw a 100% 

> I was testing w/
> output to a file and input from /dev/null. These seem to work with
> traditional gump. Could I have a missing environmental variable or
> something? Darn hard to get inside to guess.

can't tell without more info :D

> I think it is time for me to code "-debug" into Python Gump.


keep up the good work dude!

- Leo

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