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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Python Gump
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 22:49:30 GMT
Adam Jack wrote:
> As such, I'd really appreciate any
> pointers that folks could give in order to get me started.

that'd be

> I'd like to finish off (and make work) the "" I started, and see
> what I can do to make it work for command line (from cron) for batch builds.
> Although on Linux I only have telnet access, on W2K I can do GUI -- if that
> helps me get started. I know a GUI was added in front of Gump, could
> somebody point me to what I need to install for that, and where I get start
> running it?

same link.

I can get you X-over-SSH to a box running red hat if you need it to test 
linux GUI stuff.

> Any other advice/pointers on python in general, python gump and command
> line, etc. would be appreciated.

the messages posted after this one:

contain lots of useful snippets. I like the PyCrust editor as an 
alternative to emacs. There's dozens of those. Google works nicely :D

> BTW: Yes, I understand the risks of investment here, but I think it is worth
> the shot...

go for it dude! (and keep us informed and the wiki updated ;)


- Leo

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