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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Python Gump
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2003 21:48:15 GMT
If it is ok with all, I'd like to wait until I get a CVS id before I
continue. I have a script that (1) updates gump from CVS [getting
latest Python code] (2) runs integrate (which checks environment/loads
workspace/updates/builds/update statistics/documents/and generates RSS). It
is easier for me to test on a number of workspaces at once if I can cron
that script rather than copying files, running, fixing, etc.

As soon as I have the id I will complete this (building site.xml and
book.xml per directory). I'd still appreciate input/help on the skin from
some Forrest experts. The Red/Yellow/White is out of my league, and may be
just plain anti-forrest, but I do miss it...

Also, what ought be done about proposals/aj_python? Ought I keep working in
there until I've proven that this works (builds all succeed) and it builds
nice xdocs/RSS? What is your pleasure?


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