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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Forrest skinned gump results.
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2003 17:53:22 GMT
> You can see it at

Thanks Nick.

A few more things:

1) There seems to be a bunch pf missing pages (pages that work w/ my
forrest, I suspect I need a site.xml to help out, or a per directory
book.xml). The xdocs are there, just not found. As I've said, I am no
forrest expert & know there are such folks here...

2) Workspace: shows the details and
"module state". I tried to keep things to module (aggregating projects) to
keep it a smaller view.

Question: Any thoughts on how I might support the "colour coding" that folks
are so used to w/ Gump inside xdocs? The RED=Failed, Yellow=Prereq,
White=Success -- per table line. Or, is this not doable?

I see bugs w/ "*" expression is all, and Elapsed Time 0:17:-942 (I'll fix

3) Modules get their own directory. I'd like to automatically create
tabs.xml w/ projects etc.

This page shows the list of projects, but also the "work done at the module

Hmm, projects aren't showing on Nick's forrest, I assume I need a book.xml
per directory or something.

4) Work items are shown as :

with command, parameters, environment (overrides) and outputs/exit

5) Statistics are a separate tab:

and I'd like to build up this information. So far I have a few counters,

    Modules By Elapsed Time
    Modules By Project Count
    Modules By Dependency Count
    Modules By Dependee Count

..  I  will add "Modules by FOG Factor". Basically these aggregate the
containing projects values.

Here is an example:



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