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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject Python Gump
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 18:21:18 GMT

I would like to see some changes to gump (especially around package support,
around customisation for "personal" gumps, and around statistics -- FOG
factor -- depended upon (reverse tree) -- and debugging. Also, Nick Chalko
had the awesome idea (random thought) of combining Gump with Forrest for
presentation. Finally, I recently relived some of the usual hell of
ascertaining a trimmed stack combined w/ packages, and Nick/I both feel the
need for automated "missing package determination and download" (perhaps via
Ruper/or other).

Much as I know Python gump has gone dormant, I believe it is a better
starting place for all these things -- especially given the fact that that
it doesn't have batch support "HTML output". (I know it also determines
missing projects, so could help there.) As such, I'd really appreciate any
pointers that folks could give in order to get me started.

I'd like to finish off (and make work) the "" I started, and see
what I can do to make it work for command line (from cron) for batch builds.
Although on Linux I only have telnet access, on W2K I can do GUI -- if that
helps me get started. I know a GUI was added in front of Gump, could
somebody point me to what I need to install for that, and where I get start
running it?

Any other advice/pointers on python in general, python gump and command
line, etc. would be appreciated.

BTW: Yes, I understand the risks of investment here, but I think it is worth
the shot...


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