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From Michael Davey <>
Subject Gump status, design & direction
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 21:45:20 GMT

I am trying to get to grips with Gump and am confusing myself with 
respect to the various build mechanisms.  I've read pretty much every 
message in the archive covering the last eight weeks and searched for 
likely terms in the other messages to get an idea of the history.

As I understand it, there are essentially 3 subprojects:

  *  shell Gump (the original, using a mixture of jenny.jar,,,, and (or .bat), plus xslt transformations)
  *  Ant Gump (experimental - shell still needed for some targets/tasks)
  *  Python Gump (also experimental - I haven't looked too closely at 
this one)

Now, does all its Java stuff directly, while uses Ant for 
some of the Java targets.

I was planning to make some minor improvements to and was also 
considering replacing some of the scripting with Ant targets - is the 
latter the right thing to do? shouldn't use Ant targets, but may 
directly call into Jenny.jar, right?

Actually, it would be nice to have STATUS, STATUS-ANT and STATUS-PYTHON 
files for us newbies, so we don't ask (so many) stupid questions on the 
alias ;)

Finally, is the long-term plan that shell Gump gets replaced with Ant 
and/or Python or that all three are offered and users choose the one 
best suited to their needs?


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