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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject RE: Date mismatch
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 17:26:38 GMT
	> Hmm, I did a search for .timestamp (trying to find out who created
	> it, and I could) and look what I find in

	It predates by far.

Yes, but don't forget -- was just taken from something Sam was using
anyway. We "inherited" many of the lines from that.

	I use .timestamp in the cron job that runs Gump and I think Leo and
	Sam do the same.  The .timestamp mechanism allows you to do partial
	Gump runs based on older builds.


Interesting. I get it, thanks for the insight.

	> > rm -f .timestamp <----------------------------------- This was in
	> the script I copied, I never understood it

	I hope I could clear that up.

You did, so this line ought stay for which likes to do all.

	You can always override them from the Gump descriptor.

	<ant ...>
	  <property name="DSTAMP" value="@@DATE@@"/>

Nice idea, that hadn't occurred to me.

	What is wrong with nesting <property> into Gump's <ant> tags?  Which
	feature are you missing?

I think some information gump has isn't snarfable like above. I use gump to
build some in-house projects, and then launch (via centipede) some "value
added" build scripts. Since I run a number of gumps on one box I need to
know which gump I am in and where, etc.

So, what do you think to what I am proposing given that? Good idea? Bad?



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