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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject RE: Gump status, design & direction
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 23:24:31 GMT
I am a recent user, not a long time gump developer, but that caveat given
... here is my understanding:

	As I understand it, there are essentially 3 subprojects:

	  *  shell Gump (the original, using a mixture of jenny.jar,,,, and (or .bat), plus xslt transformations)
	  *  Ant Gump (experimental - shell still needed for some targets/tasks)
	  *  Python Gump (also experimental - I haven't looked too closely at
	this one)

I don't believe so. Both shell (aka shell/XSLT) and Python launch ant to do
builds. There is no separate "ant gump". Some parts of "shell gump" (within are implemented as ant tasks.

	Now, does all its Java stuff directly, while uses Ant for
	some of the Java targets.

Not really. is a utility wrapper to follow the steps you could do
manually in :

It is used by some folks from cron (it is *nix only) to automate a gump run.

BTW: I tried working on a to wrapper Python gump.

	Finally, is the long-term plan that shell Gump gets replaced with Ant
	and/or Python or that all three are offered and users choose the one
	best suited to their needs?

Python was proposed as a replacement for shell/XSLT, but it has stalled
somewhat recently. The jury is still out on a long term plan, some might
call it a hung jury. I'd stick w/ plain old gump for now.



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