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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: How much of GUMP is Java?
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 22:23:55 GMT
Adam wrote:
> I think you need to see the "Gump in Python" (no Java, no Scripting) entry
> on the Wiki. [I don't ahve the link here, or I'd post it] That and/or see
> the arguments in the archives for this list.

(also has links to the arguments)

Berin wrote:
> Would it make sense to use Java for most of the work?

I think the answer is "it /could/ make sense".

Is it possible? yes.

Has it been tried? yes.

Why did that not work out? don't know.

Where would I start?

The gump website pretty much contains a rather extensive specification 
of the gump documentation and general usage pattern. Less 
well-documented there (but good info in the archives, and some scripts 
in cvs) is the usage pattern where one types

`build avalon-framework`

to (re-)run part of the gump build. From there, an [RT] or two might or 
might not spark more interest :D



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