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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Dedicated build machines?
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2003 17:29:03 GMT
Adam Jack wrote:
>>Does GUMP have the ability to determine dependencies so that if all I
>>wanted to do was run GUMP builds on one project with its dependencies,
>>it would be able to generate the proper profile for me?
> No, and whittling a custom profile is a painfully slow thing (using trial
> and error), and Sam recommends against trying it.
> I think Sam wrote an "$ ant check" command to valdiate the profile, but
> otherwise you need to do repeated gens.
> That said, the new Pythong Gump (an experiment) does some good error
> checking.

I have some good Directed Acyclic Graph checking code that will allow
for checking dependencies and catching circular dependencies.  It will
also allow for sorting of the dependencies so that the lowest order
dependencies are processed first.  It seems well tested and functional,
and it can be adapted.

That said, once the dependency tree is built, we can output the proper
dependency graph and make our profiles according to that.

Really I am most interested in #1 making sure all of Avalon builds
properly, and #2 making sure Avalon doesn't break any other projects
in the GUMP repo.

All this in pure Java--no need for Python or Perl.

There is an ant verify (aka check) which is nice.

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