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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Collaborative scheduling of GUMP runs
Date Mon, 02 Jun 2003 21:00:24 GMT
Berin Loritsch wrote:
> The GUMP website incorrectly specifies the times that GUMP builds
> run on the various machines.  Almost all of them run overnight,
> which makes it very difficult to do quicker test/fix for GUMP entries.

keep in mind that machines are physically located in different places. 
My machine (lsd), for example, is located in the netherlands, which is 
GMT+1. I believe times for cvs.apache, nagoya and lsd to be correct. Oh, 
and GUMP doesn't run on the cvs box, but on a machine at Sam's place; 
the results just get copied over when the run is done.

> Can GUMP be forced to use GMT to report all times?

sure! I think dates are generated by running the unix date command (on 
unix machines). You can use the '-u' option to get a time in UTC, for 
example. try searching the bash stylesheet for "date"

cat stylesheets/bash.xsl | grep date

patching that file should do the trick; make sure to update the windoze 
one as well ;). It might be easiest to just add a

echo <p>current time in UTC: <b>`date -u`</b></p>

or something similar in there in some place appropriate.

> Of course this is all up to the various owners of the boxes to
> cooperatively schedule.

yep. I think most machines are also used for other purposes, so it might 
  take a little effort to work that out. Running gump can really slow a 
machine, mostly wrt disk access.

>  Having two gump runs in the middle of the
> day is a big plus IMO.


> How would we go about organizing this?

modify gump to provide more meaninful time information, figure out the 
actual time schedules, figure out how much we need to shift various runs 
to fill the gaps, contact the admins to do so (actually, 3 out of 5 is 
Sam, the cocoondev machine I'm not sure, and my machine is me, or Sam).

For lsd, I really don't have that much margin (it starts at 3am GMT+1 
and finishes at 9pm or so) without interfering with other work, but an 
hour or two earlier or later could be okay.

Also, Sam is working on getting gump running on; I guess 
some extra hands could be of use there?


- Leo

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