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From "Bruno Furtado" <>
Subject RE: Using Gump in my Company
Date Thu, 06 Feb 2003 18:47:01 GMT

Thanks for your answers, I´ll start studying it

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           Is Gump recommend for someone to use in its company projects?

I do, and I would.

           Is it used to coordenate continuous integration among any
           projects, for example excluding jakarta projects?

I do so. I run three gumps, but for most folks two (or one) would do:

1) Full stack w/ all Jakarta base plus my stuff. [Stack often break before
compiling my stuff, hence (2).] I use this for early warning against
external changes.

2) My stuff only (w/ rest as installed "packages"). I use this primarily
warning of internal conflicts.

           Does anyone use Gump with this purpose? Is it hard to get things

Yes and Yes -- and can I repeat "Yes".  Should it be? No -- but it can be.
Those XML files can bite you in the butt in 1000 ways, they are intricately
woven. I made some rookies mistakes, like stubbornly trying to hand edit my
profile, but if you start small (a profile with your packages and a few of
your modules/projects) then you ought be in good shape.



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